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Trish Lee holds an MBA in Business and Hotel Management from Queen Margaret University and is a certified Mental Health & Career Counselor. She runs an online counseling business and has worked with clients from various parts of the world. Using the power of social media, Trish creates videos and posts to increase awareness about mental health and self-love. Trish touches on all topics related to mental health, self-confidence, and finding purpose in life. Her specialty is working with individuals who are experiencing low self-esteem, eating disorders, or wanting to discover their ideal job that is aligned with their purpose.

Apart from Trish’s strong presence on social media, she has appeared on The Star and FHM Magazine. She was also the finalist in Miss Universe Malaysia 2014 and Miss Asia Pacific World Singapore 2015. Trish released her first book, The Path To Emotional Eating Freedom in May 2020.


Trish’s passion and mission is to raise awareness about mental health and to help people build self-confidence. With her growing online community, it has enabled her to answer a wide range of questions about mental health, self-confidence, and happiness from her followers all over the world. 


Trish is continuously working hard removing the stigma associated with seeking help, raising awareness about the importance of mental health, and help build a supportive community for all who are battling with mental health or to find their purpose.

Trish and her team are proud and immensely grateful to earn a living doing what they love. The vast majority of their work is used to offer you 100% free of charge programs, as well as to give back to those in need.


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