What is the benefit of engaging Trish as my Confidence & Goal Success Life Coach?

With Trish's certification, experience, charisma and passion for coaching you towards success, she can support you in rebuilding your confidence, reboot your life, achieve your goals, and provide you with the necessary tools to create true happiness within you. Trish is a certified coach in Confidence, Goal Success, Entrepreneur, Happiness, Relationship, and Group Coaching to name a few. Find out more about Trish's certification, experience and qualification. She's also a writer, philanthropist, polyglot, entrepreneur, model, and two times former beauty pageant finalist (Miss Universe Malaysia and Miss Asia Pacific World), Hotelier with a M.B.A. Trish helps leaders, visionaries and fellow entrepreneurs overcome their issues with lack of clarity, lack of direction, self-doubt, overwhelm, anxiety and much more. She guides them through the challenges and mindsets that keep them from creating the life, impact and happiness they desire.

Is it really possible to build up my confidence, self-esteem and self-efficacy?

Yes, most definitely. However, it is important to note in order to build these qualities up, consistent and committed work needs to be invested into rewiring the way we think and our overall perspective of life. We need to understand that all of us started building confidence when we were very young, in our early teens. Many of us build our sense of confidence on a sense of lack or an awareness of what isn't good enough about us, rather than a healthy and grounded sense of the beautiful and worthy individuals we are innately. People from less developed countries or less privileged upbringings often face major challenges when building confidence. They struggle to trust and live in fear. People from more affluent backgrounds might be supported more in this area because they don't have to struggle for the right to be educated and they're very likely to attend great universities and find job opportunities thanks to their network. A more privileged child feels secure from a young age that no matter what, he will be financially stable. However, this is not to say that wealthier individuals go on to have more confidence. In my profession as a coach, I've encountered many young adults and leaders with wealthy backgrounds that struggle with confidence and self-esteem issues. Being wealthy doesn't equip you with will power or self-discipline, both characteristics which form some of the most important foundations for becoming truly confident. It doesn't mean knowing yourself, learning to set boundaries, equates to having a natural affinity for understanding EQ. In this way, there's no correlation between your financial status and your self-confidence. Our background doesn't really matter. Anyone can build true, authentic confidence if they really want to. By coaching with Trish, you will be able to learn all about your locus of control and how you can take full control of your life now.

How can Trish help me through my transformation journey in building Confidence and to reach my Goals?

Gaining authentic Confidence, is not a quick fix and many of us ignore the fact that to achieve it, we must gain a solid sense of self and learn to love ourselves authentically. Going through Transformation and building Confidence is a journey, one which can take a lifetime. Some may transform faster, and some may take a little longer. Neither is good nor bad. Every individual is different. It all depends on when you start your search by recognising there's something to do, something to change, to improve, and having the courage to ask for help to build it. As a Confidence and Goal Success coach, Trish's passion and expertise lies in igniting awareness on the topic of confidence. This involves the self first, then expanding into situations and relationships that we engage with in life. Trish can expertly guide you towards the different steps you can take to achieve physical, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional confidence in all facets of your life, be it in relation to your health, career, mindset and relationships. Mastering these dimensions leads the way for a joyful and confident sense of self. With a big enough 'why', a meaningful dream, and with enough willingness and patience to go the distance, authentic confidence, true happiness and success can in fact become your new reality. Book a FREE 30 minutes Strategy Session to understand more about Trish, how she can help you break free from negative self-talk, and how she can support you towards reaching your goals.

How do sessions generally run and how many sessions are required?

Usually the first initial VIP session is an assessment and coaching that lasts for about 1.5 - 2 hours. Trish and you will have an in-depth connecting session to get to know each other better, to understand where you are now, where you’d like to be, and about the current obstacles you possibly face in getting there. If you have purchased a pre-packaged Coaching program, Trish will proceed to coach you based on the services outlined in that specific program as agreed, as well as organize the relevant tools, tips and resources to get you towards your goals. If you have requested for a fully customized Bespoke Program, Trish will then taylor a coaching package specifically for your needs as well as map out a detailed executable plan on how to guide you towards your aim successfully. The subsequent sessions will be about 1.5 hours each. After each session, you’ll leave feeling more confident, more clarity in mind, and a heart filled with happiness & peace. The duration of a coaching package depends on your specific goals, needs, available time, and budget. Please see the available Results Coaching Plans or Coaching Programs that Trish offers. Don't see a suitable package? Not a problem. Contact Trish to request for a special custom made, bespoke program just for you. She'll be more than happy to assist in catering to your needs where possible.

What is the difference between a Therapist, Counsellor and a Life Coach?


  • A Therapist is a Psychologist which has a minimum of a Master's Degree (or a PhD at its highest level) and Clinical Training
  • Counsellor is a word often used to replace 'Therapist'. However, it can also refer to people with a non-degree field. Hence it is understandable that this word can cause a "grey area" and confusion. It is an unregulated industry with no regulations or licenses required.
  • A Life Coach uses Therapeutic tools. 'Therapeutic' means that it benefits the body or mind, and increases wellbeing, but, it is NOT the same as conducting therapy like a therapist. It is also important to note that certification is not required to become a Life Coach. However, with certification, a Life Coach is able to better understand the psychology of their clients, as well as be more knowledgeable about proven and effective tools to ensure the transformational success of their clients are achieved.
2. FOCUS Life Coaches are PRESENT and FUTURE focused. Coaches only help their clients explore their past only as a means of understanding their current life experiences and belief systems. Coaches focus on how they can make their FUTURE better, to guide them to get from where they are, to where they want to be. A Therapist or Counsellor are PAST and PRESENT focused. Primarily clients go to them to heal trauma as they have extensive knowledge about the mind, and about more sensitive traumatic experiences a client may have experienced. Therapists are also licensed to deal with people suffering from mental illnesses or have the potential to harm themselves. 3. GUIDANCE A life coach would be able to offer guidance by:
  • Clarifying and achieving personal and professional goals
  • Creating business plans
  • Working to improve communication skills
  • Achieving financial independence and security
  • Achieving a work/life balance
  • Providing holistic advice and tools to improve confidence, sense of satisfaction, and fulfillment in life
A therapist, on the other hand, focuses their conversation on ways to:
  • Recover from past traumas
  • Explore why past relationships (business or personal) have been destructive
  • Work through depression or anxiety that affect your ability to function at home or work
  • Survive a divorce or loss of a loved one

What is the difference between the Results Coaching Plans and the Coaching Programs?

The Results Coaching Plans are plans that are short termed coaching packages. The Results Coaching Plans normally lasts for only 1-2 sessions depending on the plan offered. Suitable for those who have limited time, and only wish to have a quick solution to get through their current challenges. The Coaching Programs are designed for people who are serious and committed about achieving their goals and wish to attain lasting results. Trish's Coaching Programs normally lasts around 4 to 10 months, depending on the type of program. With the Coaching Programs, Trish is able to better grasp your fears, obstacles towards your goals, provide more indepth tools to help create lasting change, and longer term accountability follow ups to ensure you conquer your goals like a pro. See the Results Coaching Plans and Coaching Programs page for more info on the available coaching services Trish provides. If you'd like to have a more personalized bespoke program, kindly Get In Touch with Trish for further assistance.

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