I am a certified Mental Health Counsellor sharing about mental health and psychology on YouTube.

From a girl who suffered from social anxiety, a PTSD survivor, to becoming a finalist in Miss Universe Malaysia,​ and now...


A Mental Health Counsellor, YouTuber, Mom & Author ✨


Having low self-confidence can reduce the quality of a person’s life in many different ways. Something of which I was crippled with for about 10 years during my preadolescent and teenage years. 


I hated my face, my skin, my family background, my friends... basically everything about my life. Life sucked to the core. I had no hope within my soul. I felt NOTHING was possible for me to achieve in life.

If you've experienced trauma, been battling with low self-confidence, or have no sense of direction in life, then you too should know exactly what I'm talking about.  

After years of suffering without proper support and guidance to see the light, I finally learned the hard way how to break free from this pain and start realizing my self-worth. Since then, my life has turned around 180 degrees for the better and my heart couldn't feel lighter or happier.

I realized that breaking free from trauma and low self-confidence is possible.


The moment I was able to break free from my negative self-talk, my life changed 180 degrees for the better and I did things I thought I could never achieve:

  • I finally accepted my "flaws" and mastered how I could turn them into my unique strengths!

  • Had the courage to join 2 international beauty pageants (and became finalists for BOTH!)

  • Found a good, healthy relationship that I had always hoped for

  • Clinched a high-paying managerial job by the age of 23

  • Started and expanded several businesses ALL ON MY OWN



I would love nothing more than to share my knowledge with YOU to help you break free from all limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving happiness and all that your heart desires.

If you too are ready to turn your life around today, then:

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