I am a certified Mental Health Counselor + YouTuber sharing about mental health and personal growth on YouTube.

Many people have told me that my passion to help others is “deep”.


And I must say, this is 10000000% accurate. I do have a deep pull within me to always want to help others in the best way that I can. I believe this all stems from my rough past...


If you've been following me on my YouTube and Instagram journey, you probably know that

  • I’m an abuse survivor. I've nearly died before in the hands of a family member.

  • I was an outcast at school.

  • I suffered from extreme low self-esteem when I was a teen.

  • Been through heaps of heartbreaks

  • Felt totally lost in life a couple of times, and even wondered at one point - WHAT’S THE POINT OF LIVING?


Through God's grace, I survived it all.


I came out stronger on the other side EVERY TIME challenges came my way. I even built up the inner courage to take part in two international beauty pageants (Miss Universe) and was honored to have the chance to be a finalist.


By turning pain into POWER, I’ve made it my mission to use my experiences and learnings to help others who are battling the same situations as I did.


If you’d like to support my work, here are the various ways you can help me to keep doing what I do best - inspire and empowers others:


  1. Work with me 1-to-1 for Mental Health or Career Counselling

  2. Check out my book about overcoming Emotional Eating on Amazon

  3. Buy my merchandise (it has my quotes printed on them)

  4. Watch my videos on Mental Health & Personal Growth at my YouTube channel - Thrive With Trish


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I look forward to getting to know you and to help you create a life filled with purpose, meaning, and fulfilment.

With all my blessings and love,