Beginning Of My Journey As A Life Coach

December 2018

Had an epiphany.

Researched more about life coaching career. I always love to help people, decided to give it a go.

In 2019, took multiple courses and certifications on Udemy to get myself equipped with the necessary knowledge.

Business & Website Launch

May 2019

Published coaching website

Announced on social media platforms that I'm a Life Coach

Took in first client - Bjorn's friend

Around July / August 2019, started YouTube channel to put myself out there so that others could build trust in me and my brand

Expansion - Hired Employees

November 2019

Due to the problems in IG, drop in engagement after their updates in July, "bots" were no longer reliable.

I couldn't manage 3 accounts while trying to do the necessary work to build the business.

Decided to hire part-timers through Upwork.

First hire was 3 employees.

Mid November hired a book editor Stephanie (to work on book launch next year)

In December 2019, increased to 6 employees.

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