“Books were my pass to personal freedom.”



Born and raised in a small town in Malaysian, but with larger than life dreams and will to make a positive difference in this world, I am filled with joy to have built up myself to become a successful Confidence and Transformational Coach, transforming lives for the better with my knowledge, life experiences, and genuine personality.


Since early 2019, I've been naturalized to become a full-fledged German, and I live in Germany with my loving husband and charismatic daughter. 

What in the world lead me to become a Confidence & Transformational Coach?

After I graduated from secondary school, I had a tough time deciding between majoring in Psychology or Hotel Management. Based on my circumstances and the fear I had about what possible career opportunity I could have if I dived into Psychology at that point in time, I ended up studying Hotel Management.

I don't regret studying that course, in fact, I even got a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), with a major in hotel management several years later after I started working professionally.  

However, somehow deep within me, I never felt that it was my true calling.


After I graduated from university, I worked in a wide variety of industries including Aviation, Corporate, Hotel, Fitness, and even Modelling. After spending many years trying my hand in different career paths, I always felt that there had to be more meaning to my life.

I felt I had so much more to give and to share with society. There was a discontented void within me. No job ever made me feel truly fulfilled on the inside.

In 2018, after I took some time out of the corporate world after giving birth to my baby girl, I took the necessary time to really reflect on what was is I really wanted to achieve in my life, and more importantly, what was the legacy I wanted to leave behind for my daughter and for society as a whole.

  • Was I completely satisfied with my life?

  • What is the thing that I have been putting on hold out to fear?

  • What was the worst case scenario that could happen if I took a leap of faith?

I knew, deep within my core, a career that would allow me to transform a person's life, and to empower them to create a life that they love based on my personal life experiences and knowledge, lighted me up inside with an intense sense of purpose and meaning. 

With a leap of faith and by believing in myself, I committed to dive head-first into learning about Psychology and Life Coaching. I guess my life had come full circle, and I couldn't have been happier.

Why? Because I finally found my true calling.

Life Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Trainer & Consultant

Truth is, anyone can coach.


However, to coach well is an art. Trish isn't just a regular Life Coach, she dedicates her entire heart and soul into crafting herself to be a master in her field. Trish believes in providing a holistic approach for her clients that want to improve their lives.

That is the reason why she has committed to learning the art of coaching and its concepts through well established Coaching Academies, getting coached by top professional and experienced coaches in the industry, and will continuously learn and grow in her skills as a Goal Success and Confidence Coach.

We all have


Trish Lee is a certified Master Life Coach, with in-depth knowledge on a wide array of coaching topics:

  • Goal Success

  • Confidence

  • Life Purpose

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Relationship

  • Happiness

  • Health

Paired with her intensive learning on Cognitive Behavioral Techniques (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behavioral Techniques (REBT), Trish seamlessly supports her clients gain the necessary tools and competency to open up their minds to dream big, take massive action, and to stay committed on their pursuit towards their goals. 

Live a more confident, happy, passionate, fulfilling and meaningful life that makes you want to jump out of bed with energy, purpose, and motivation every single day.

Whether your goal is to build up unshakeable confidence, creating the relationship of your dreams, discovering who you really are or building a business you love, Trish Lees’ one-on-one coaching program, webinars, training systems, and Unshakeable Confidence Community will support you in paving the way to reach where you want to be.


Most women know how to invest in self-care — like a glass of wine after a long run or a leisurely Sunday cozied up with a good book — but some of us still pause at the thought of prioritizing self-help, fearing of the possible judgment or being deemed as a failure. Even if it seems like we “have it all,” many struggle with feeling like that’s enough — which is where a life coach could come into play.



What does a life coach actually do?

Essentially, it is a space for people to unravel and totally open their heart and their mind. It is all about meeting you where you’re at and exploring certain moments versus having expectations or trying to solve your problems.

And there’s kind of this idea that a life coach will help fix your problems. Yes, there’s accountability in terms of helping you achieve your goals and move toward where you want to be in your life — but a really good life coach walks alongside you while you’re living your life. They help you explore and tap into your intuition to navigate your life.


How is a life coach different than a therapist?

An easy way of looking at it is, a therapist focuses on working on your past, and a coach focuses on building your future.

A therapist holds space, and will equally listen to you and show up where you are. The parallel I draw is this: imagine having a health concern. You’ll probably go to the doctor, but you may also work with other professionals, like a personal trainer.

In terms of therapy and life coaching, a therapist is more like the doctor; they will diagnose you and treat your issues. Life coaching is more like the personal trainer who will condition you and help push you toward another level of strength regarding where you want to go in life.




Trish Lee is a Certified Life Coach, Consultant & Trainer, specializing in Personal Coaching and Mindfulness coaching. Trish is also an English trainer and consultant.


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Do you long to live a simpler, happier and more fulfilling life in alignment with your heart's desires?


Are you done with relying on external gurus and teachers and ready to establish a stronger connection with your own inner guidance?


Are you ready to move beyond surface-level healing and to address the

root causes of your issues?


Are you excited about using the power of your imagination to clear your deepest wounds and blocks - within hours, or even minutes?


Do you want to learn simple, practical tools for quieting the mind and allowing inspiration to flow?


Are you ready to lead yourself and others into a heart-based way of living and being?


YES? Then you're in the right place!



Trish is a Life Coach, Personal Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Business English Trainer & Consultant all in one.




Realize and believe in your true capabilites and worth


Have the power to enjoy true happiness anytime, regardless of the situation you are presented with


Turn your dreams into reality you can live and experience


Move upwards in your career by boosting your leadership skills and by inspiring others


Set clear directions in your life to create exponential change that will benefit you for your future ahead


Attract the one for you or improve every aspect of your relationship with friends and loved ones by mastering your emotions


Boost your energy by understanding what are the best activities, habits, and nutrition plans best suited for your lifestyle and physical needs

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