Are you sick of diets that don’t work and feeling frustrated with your relationship with food?

It’s time to take back control and lose your extra weight.

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Hey there, I’m Trish!

Listen, just like you, I have struggled with my weight and eating issues for years.

After finally discovering the solution to a healthy relationship with food (and thus a healthy confidence), I've created a revolutionary program so you can also experience this transformation.

Despite being a former finalist of Miss Universe Malaysia & Miss Asia Pacific World, I have been where you are. Yep, you heard me right!

I used to binge eat, was overweight, anorexic, and generally had a very unhealthy relationship with food. I have created a guided process to help you heal your relationship with food in the same way I healed myself. If I did it, so can you!

Learn the key to overcome emotional eating

Don't believe me? See the pictures below for my journey to health👇

Ready to overcome your emotional eating & lost weight?

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Imagine a life where you can feel energized and you never have to diet again

Do you want to finally reach and maintain your ideal weight with ease?

Do you want to be free from the food cravings that consume you?

Perhaps you want to be able to look in the mirror and like what you see?

Maybe you want to feel healthier, more energized, and ready to face life with renewed confidence?

Imagine never having to worry about counting every single calorie.

No more deprivation. No more cravings. No more comfort eating.

Just an effortlessly healthy lifestyle and a body you are proud of.

If any of this resonates with you, you will love the Mindful Eating: The Key To Overcome Emotional Eating & Lose Weight program with Trish Lee.

Get the program and transform your relationship with food — for good.

Introducing Mindful Eating

The key to overcome emotional eating and lose weight


Say goodbye to dieting and powerfully transform your relationship with food with Trish's 21 Easy Mindful Eating steps

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John G.

Great program to take on your journey to overcome emotional eating

"When I was happy, I'd eat, when I was sad I'd eat more. Needless to say, at times, it became very difficult to manage weight because I would be overwhelmed with emotion that led to unhealthy indulgences. I do love food, but what's great about this program is it helped me accept that this was a problem with compassion, and helped guide me onto a path of establishing a healthier relationship with food. I loved that Trish included her personal story, which I really resonated with, and the tips that she gives throughout her program are easy to incorporate into my lifestyle. My favorite section was the stress and boredom management with a list of options and other activities that make us feel better without the guilt that overeating brings, and I must say that since creating my list, it is my go-to when I feel tempted to eat more than I should. Do check out this program! Awesome resource!”

Jules K.

Eat food mindfully and feel good!

"This program is super impactful and easy to follow along. It has helped me realize my relationship with food and my emotions, which I never knew how to properly manage. I would definitely recommend it to anyone even if you think you have a good diet going.”
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Rita E.

Just the program I've been waiting for

"Very well created, very detailed and full of personal experience, facts and realistic tips for handling food in stressful situations. It is a lot of fun reading through Trish's personal experiences that you can reflect on yourself so well. Overall, a thought-provoking, interactive and engaging program. A must buy!”

How would your life look if you eradicated ALL negative beliefs about food?

  • You were born with a healthy relationship with food.

  • You didn't come into this world craving candy, chips, and cookies.

  • You ate when you were hungry and you stopped when you were full.

  • You were a healthy weight.

  • You were comfortable and confident in your skin.

  • But somewhere along the way, you developed negative beliefs about food and your body…
  • About being too fat or too thin...
  • Feeling out of control around food.
  • You developed cravings. Foods you simply couldn’t resist.
  • But you tried.
  • A whole host of diets have failed to deliver lasting results for you.
  • Inevitably, you cave in to your cravings — and the cycle begins again.
  • But it doesn’t have to be this way...
Move past your negative beliefs now!

How the program works

Throughout the course, Trish will personally guide you on an empowering path to uncover your deep-rooted limiting beliefs around food and remove them altogether. You will then replace these with powerful new beliefs that allow you to live the healthy life you deserve.

By completing a lesson, you'll gain access to the subsequent lesson. Some lessons will have a planner or worksheet attached to it.

This program is different from a typical course in which you listen and learn; this is about taking action and making a change.

To make sure you truly transform, Trish has put together the program in a unique way to guide you every step of the way and to make it easy for you to implement in your life immediately.

J. Cole

Extremely helpful!

"This program gives great tips and information to learn what triggers bring about binging and how to thwart them! I didn’t realize how much control I actually have over food, and I feel empowered to take my life back, no longer being a victim to mindless emotional eating. I have not only stopped gaining weight, I am also steadily losing weight. Most of all I feel better because I don’t feel out of control with eating anymore. I so appreciate Trish Lee sharing her knowledge and experience. It has helped me more than anything else ever has. I am very grateful!”

Jocelyn W.

Get this if you REALLY want to lose weight

"I bought the Mindful Eating: The Key To Overcome Emotional Eating & Lose Weight program
and I am sailing through my weight loss. I feel good and I am so happy. I had 30 lbs to lose last year. I lost 20 and kept it off but I was unable to lose the remainder of the weight. With this program, I am now on track. I also booked a 1-to-1 counseling session with Trish to help me further. This program is changing the way I eat altogether. I don't need, nor do I have any urges to binge again. I feel more confident and energized! I am able to follow MY favorite diet plan - which is MY version of Weight Watchers and I have no restrictions. I just learned to control my portion sizes and I eat very slowly, which in turn, helps my digestion. I always thought I had no control over my binges but now with the tips I've learned, I DO have control. I'm now the boss and what I SAY goes! End of story. I'm so happy! I hope you will really try out the practices taught in this program as I did so that you can become free from overeating and bingeing for good.”

Tara H.

Skeptic turned believer — Just what I needed!

"Thank you, Trish. After over 10 years of trying to lose weight, I started to develop low self-esteem and gave up numerous times to even try. Every time I tried to stop mindless eating, I would start to binge again a day later.  I was devastated. I had no idea what to do. Then I found this program and I actually teared up when I read 6 specific solutions that addressed exactly what is going on. I have 100% of my confidence back, and it's even better knowing that if I start to stumble ever again, I'll still be okay. Best of all, I'm not taking any note of the last date I binged because I finally don't care how long it's been since I've been doing well. Also, It's not like one of those quick weight loss diets that you can only do once successfully, and try as you might, you can never get it to work again. Because it's not a diet at all. The inner critique within me tried to convince me for a minute there that this program was probably all fluff. I'm glad I didn't give in to that evil voice and trusted my gut to give this program a go. Thanks again, you're the best!”

Hi, I'm Trish!

Over the past 3 years
, I have worked with hundreds of people across all walks of life to help them gain freedom from overeating and live the life they DESERVE.

I’ve helped people trapped in the depths of depression and addiction rise above their environment and self-sabotage to create their dream lives. From single parents, cleaners, and teachers — all the way to CEOs.

One of the most common issues people face is an emotional connection to food. One that drives them to binge on unhealthy foods when they are stressed, upset, angry, tired, or even bored.

For this reason, I decided to create this challenge to help everyone clear their limiting beliefs and finally experience the freedom from cravings and unhealthy eating habits that I have achieved for my clients.

Start living with renewed energy & joy today

Trish has changed thousands of people’s lives over the past 3 years, working with business people, executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals, helping many remove their limiting beliefs.

If you want to be next:

Get the life changing program now

What Makes This Program Different?

The course is specifically designed to be very actionable from the start.


Free yourself from the self-sabotage and limiting beliefs that have controlled your eating habits and body image for so long


No complex steps. Easy and straightforward. 


Research-based tips to help you take action and start feeling and seeing changes in your life within weeks.


Tried and tested by hundreds of people to give you the best effective and sustainable weight loss results.

This Challenge Is Not For Everyone

When Trish created this challenge, it was clear that this wasn’t going to be an ordinary course.

It is structured differently, it is taught differently, and the experience of it will be different too.

If you are not interested in changing your eating habits, body image, and confidence for the better, this challenge would not be the best fit for you.

This Mindful Eating: The Key To Overcome Emotional Eating & Lose Weight program is for ACTION TAKERS who feel that their time has come, the time to say goodbye to dieting, and finally reach and maintain their ideal weight.

This is for those who want to rewire their minds for good, letting only empowering beliefs guide them to achieve complete freedom from negative eating patterns...

To overcome cravings.

To look and feel fit and strong.

To enjoy a longer, happier, healthier life.

If you are tired of watching and not doing, let this challenge be your accountability to make sure you finally do the things you said you’re going to do but never had the time for.

Let Trish be your coach to help guide you in transforming your reality and achieve freedom from food before the end of next month.
Get the program now!

Here’s What Other Students Had to Say About Trish's Programs

Trish's program have been transforming the lives of people all over the world

Anne W.

Worked within a few days!

"I started seeing the change already after a few days! I've been eating smaller portions and didn't crave so much sugar anymore. And my weight started going down immediately.”
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Anita Wopereis

Absolutely changed my relationship with food

"If you’re someone who struggles with binge eating, invest In yourself and purchase this program. It has absolutely helped cured my Saturday-night-after-a-nine-hour-shift binges completely. I don’t reach for food anymore unless I am actually hungry! Very satisfied.”

Zoe D.

Slowly but surely

"I wasn’t overweight but wanted to slim a little and generally improve my eating habits. The first change I noticed was that I wasn’t so focused on the next meal and stopped snacking as I wasn’t hungry or thinking about food. Over time my weight dropped those few kilos I was looking to permanently shift. I still eat junk food but the difference is that it doesn’t call to me from the fridge or cupboard anymore. It is more of a conscious choice. I would definitely buy this program for my loved ones and recommend to friends not to look for a quick fix. This is the real deal.”

Why now is the time to step into your healthier, happier life.

As the popular Chinese proverb says: “The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago. The second best time is now.”

With our rapidly changing world, we are now in a unique position to choose two things...

To survive or to thrive.

If you’ve read this far, it suggests you are the kind of person who chooses to thrive…

To rise above self-sabotage and limiting beliefs…

To be able to take back the power over your lifestyle choices…

To take the more challenging path now so you can reap the rewards later…

Ask yourself: “If not now, when?”

Step into your power now with "Mindful Eating"

You're Protected With Our Peace-Of-Mind Guarantee For 14 Days

$78 might be a big commitment for you. You might not be sure that this program will work. You might not know if your challenges are solvable with an online program. That’s understandable.

To prove that this will be the single BEST investment you can make for yourself and your life, you will receive a “peace-of-mind” guarantee. If you don’t notice a significant difference in the way you think, the way you feel, and in the rest of your life over the first 14 days (after joining and starting the program), then you’ll receive a full, 100% refund.

Join today and get started with the program — the guarantee will automatically apply.

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