2 Tips To Overcome The Fear Of Failure

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Every entrepreneur I know is afraid of failure. It’s human nature. When we go outside of our comfort zone, we feel scared. As entrepreneurs, our ego and identity become so wrapped up in what we are doing, that when things do not go as we expect, we can literally feel like we are going to die.

How can you learn to use failure to your advantage, rather than dreading it? 

The good news is, there are two proven strategies that has helped many of my clients tremendously to move through their fear of failure and today I'd like to share those tips with you.

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Rather than let fear overwhelm you, challenge it by playing out the worst-case scenarios.

Doing so helps you prepare back up plans and safety nets for any possible scenario that might occur along the journey of you achieving your goals. Have a plan B, plan C, or even XYZ if you must. This helps boost your confidence because then you know that you have minimized the possibility of anything not going your way to take you by surprise and make you feel defeated.

The reason why fear can cripple you is because you are scared of the unknown. The moment you put a face to it, it can't scare you anymore.

In fact, when you run through all the worst-case scenarios, you may just be surprised to learn that actually even the worst scenario actually ain't that bad ;)


It boils down to your perspective. Do you define failures as you being a failure? Or do you define it purely as what it is - a learning phase?

If you perceive it as you being a failure, then what do you say about people like Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, Henry Ford, and Steve Jobs? Are they big-time failures? Sure, they've failed many times before and their journey to success was definitely not smooth. However, they all became big successes in the end.

They failed, they learned, they stood back up again. They tried again and again relentlessly until they achieved their goals.

Failures are simply opportunities to begin again, this time more intelligently.

- Henry Ford

Failures are our best teachers. It pushes you to be innovative and creative far beyond what you thought you could have ever imagined.

The moment you are able to change your perspective on failure, your world will change positively and nothing can ever scare you in your pursuit towards your goals ever again.

Furthermore, ask yourself, would you rather try and fail, or never try and regret it for life?

Once you’ve watched or read through this article, I’d love to hear from you.

In what way has the fear of failure stopped you from trying and how did you overcome it? Do share your knowledge and experience in the comments below.

Share as much detail as you can. Many lovely souls come here for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough.

I really hope these tips have helped to give you a little more confidence to trust yourself, go after your dreams, and to simply try with your best shot 💪

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and adding your thoughts. Now let go of your fears and go crush your goals!

Live strong, and have the courage to create a life you love because your happiness matters.

With SO much 💖,


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Knowing when to ask for help and guidance is not weakness. If anything, it's a strength.


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