3 Ways To Deal With The Fear Of Missing Out

The fear of missing out (FOMO) has become pervasive in society.

Teens and adults text while driving, because the possibility of a social connection is more important than their own lives (and not to mention the lives of others). They interrupt one call to take another, even when they don’t know who’s on the other line. They spend endlessly on the latest gadgets (even if they already have a big unpaid credit), not wanting to be seen as "outdated". They check their Twitter stream while on a date, because something more interesting or entertaining just might be happening.

Or maybe you’re not feeling so great — whether you realize it or not — and you turn to social media to make you feel better. Only one problem there: it actually makes you feel worse…

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then you’re probably dealing with a social problem commonly known as FOMO, or “fear of missing out.”

If you'd like to know how you can break free from the fear of missing out (#fomo), then watch this now ⬇️


In regards to distinguishing what is truly important and necessary from what is merely desirable, and choose to eliminate some of the things that don’t contribute to the deepening of the quality of your life experience.

Be willing to say “no” to more things. This will provide you with more time to devote to those experiences that are more deeply rewarding.

Remember: More isn’t necessarily better. Focus on the kinds of things that enhance the quality not the quantity of your experiences.

There are always going to be people we admire and perhaps envy. It’s the syndrome many of us have which is “the grass is greener on the other side”.

Envy can easily become resentment if we fail to recognize the opportunities available in our own lives to create experiences that are life-enhancing. Focusing on the experience—feelings of accomplishment, adventure, connection, fun, self-respect, freedom which helps us distinguish what is truly fulfilling from that which can only provide a temporary feeling of pleasure, such as objects or symbol—wealth, marriage, a sports car, a luxurious home.

Pleasure is wonderful, but an obsessive preoccupation with it can diminish our ability to experience the deeper fulfillment that comes from nourishing our soul.

Be willing to not have it all and know that you are not losing out on anything.

You will be ok.


Back in 2010, sometime after graduating from University, I was almost 100% inactive on social media. And, I gotta say, those were one of the best years of my life.

I focused on my relationship, hanging out with friends over a nice cup of tea, going to the beach, reading books, enjoying food, and enjoying my work.

Then came my birthday that year and a bunch of my friends sent me wishes on Facebook. Me being me, I couldn't ignore people who show me kindness and love. So naturally, I took time to reply to each and every one of them to thank them.

What struck me as crazy was, most of their first response was - they thought I was "dead" because they barely saw me on FB.

Say what?!

Is this the world we live in now? Only when we see another person online, then they are considered alive and ticking?

I know my friends were joking. But this showed me how much so many of them were consumed by the world of social media that interacting with real people face to face was getting lesser and lesser.

Here's an interesting point to ponder about...

In terms of our well-being, did you know that FOMO could potentially lead to depression and several studies have shown that it is linked to lower life satisfaction?

A person that has a lower feeling of life satisfaction in general quite often has this fear and so what they do to try and feel better about themselves is to try and increase engagement through none other than social media.

Problem is, their plan backfires and they end feeling even worse about themselves.

It is truly a negative, self-perpetuating cycle.

The next time you don't feel so good about yourself, call up a friend or a family member and just talk. Or ask them to meet you outside and go for a walk. It is really so simple. And remember once you are with them, put away your phones and gadgets and just be all there.

Quality relationships trump the quantity of possessions every time. Investing time and energy in relationships, and cultivating the skills that they require, may just be one of the best things that we can do to bring higher levels of fulfillment into our lives, which is also, a wonderful antidote to the FOMO.


Instead of chasing fantasies we believe will fulfill us, we can cultivate gratitude.

This practice allows us to more deeply appreciate what we have rather than focusing on what we lack or desire. FOMO is the fear of not having something that is necessary for our well being. Gratitude allows us to count the blessings in our life right now, in this moment, where life is actually going on.

The next time you see someone more successful than you, instead of comparing yourself with others, be happy for them.

Again, what you see is not always reality. And even if others are doing well in their lives, practice the ability to be happy for them, to emulate and motivate you to do better, instead of feeling envy and losing sight of all the wonderful people and things that you are already blessed with.

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Live strong, and have the courage to create a life you love because your happiness matters.

Sending you lots of happiness and hugs🌻


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