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The Lord knows how many times I've done wrong, both to myself and others. One of those wrongs was my eating disorder. I've never really talked about this because I'm not proud about it, but I've come to realize how my #eatingdisorderrecovery journey has helped my Life Coaching clients to learn the importance of self-compassion and that it IS possible to overcome emotional eating (aka binge or stress eating)

I used to be on one end of the stick, OVEREATING because I was suffering from low self-esteem. Food was my only friend. My comfort. It didn't judge me. It made me feel good (while I was eating anyway)

Years later, I went to the OTHER end of the stick, UNDEREATING because I was determined to lose weight and keep it off. I took "counting calories" a little TOO extreme. My BMI was clearly in the unhealthy range, but I just ignored all the signs my body was warning me that I was playing a dangerous game with my life.

I've come a long way from my past. Now I'm in a much healthier, happier place. My mission is to use my story and experience to help others. After much blood and sweat, I just launched my first book 🎉📕 Hooray!


The Path To Emotional Eating Freedom: 21 Easy Mindful Tips To Achieve Emotional Mastery

  • If you've been trying but failing to lose weight or achieve your ideal weight

  • If you tend to "punish" yourself after a big binge eating session by starving yourself

  • If you tend to procrastinate or overeat due to boredom & stress (especially now with #covid19)

  • If you are ready for a healthier relationship with food

then this book is a MUST-READ for you

Click HERE to order the e-book now (Enjoy 25% off! Offer ends on 03.06.20)

The paperback version will be coming very soon. Stay tuned.

Book is available as an eBook and in Amazon as a paperback & hardcover

I can't thank you all enough for the amazing encouragement and positivity you've shown me! Thank you! 💕 Let's build a healthy relationship with food together!

With lots of positive vibes,

P.S. It doesn't matter if you've read other books or tried various methods to your best efforts but never seemed to get a grip over emotional eating, please don't give up my dear. Sometimes all it takes is the slightest of change with the right strategies to create a BIG positive change.

Love yourself enough to keep your mind open and trust that achieving the healthy lifestyle that you want is very much possible! YOU GOT THIS. Don't hold back on achieving your health and weight goals anymore - Get the book and make your dreams happen now

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