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Follow The Desires Of Your Heart

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

No matter how tough it seems to choose a path, there’s always one which calls out to you a little more... The scary thing is, sometimes that path, may not be the path that pays the bills initially 😳 A good example would be me going into my coaching business.

After my “dear” ex boss asked me to leave my job immediately after he knew I was pregnant last year (really made me feel like getting pregnant was a sin. Silly me cried my eyes out)

What step in my life did I wanna take next?

After some deep soul searching, it hit me like a lightning bolt ⚡️I wanted to venture into an industry that’s always been calling out to me. But realistically speaking, starting a new business always requires some upfront investment, initial tough learning curves, and a big #leapoffaith

I didn’t start out with a huge investment, a big team or any of that. I started from humble beginnings and I worked my a** off.

Through some smart planning, strong determined will, long late nights (with extra strong coffee ☕️ ), a little help from a few freelancers, a touch of God’s blessings, and most of all - all the love and support from you amazing ladies and gentlemen, I’m slowly seeing the fruits of my labor.

The main thing that kept me going, was doing what I do, makes me wanna jump out of bed everyday!🙌🏻 Being able to help, motivate, and inspire others through my work makes me feel alive. It gives my life purpose. It makes my heart sing. It makes me feel fulfilled in more ways than one.

What about you? How do you know in your gut that you’ve taken the right path? I’d love to hear your story. Let me know in the comments below.

Remember, anything worth having is worth fighting for.

Lots of love and light 💕, Trish

PS. If you haven’t already, do check out my latest video on How To Choose The Right Path In Life if you need some useful strategies to help you choose the best path for you (link in Bio⬆️) Photo by 📷: @mysticbnw

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