• April Dawn Vitor

Get "SUGGESTED" By Instagram

Did you know Instagram offers a “Suggested for you” list when you visit an Instagram profile? To see this list, just click the downward arrow underneath an account’s bio (as shown in the image above)

Instagram curates this list of Instagram profiles based on your interests, who you follow, but also based on that account’s activity. 

For example, if you look at the account @sophisticationery and click on the Suggested for you button on her profile, you will find other similar creative small business accounts — accounts that she regularly engages and communicates with

The Instagram algorithm can tell that she has a relationship with those accounts and thinks that they would be of interest to anyone who follows @sophisticationery

You might also spot some of her industry competitors in that list. That’s because Instagram knows if you are in the same industry based on the keywords she uses in her Instagram bio.

Appearing in this list is a great way to get more followers — as you may turn up in competitor’s "Suggested for you" lists, or other profiles that you’re aligned with that someone stumbling upon your profile for the first time might be interested in

Unfortunately, there’s no scientific way to get on this Suggested for you list — it’s a game of trial and error (and some good luck along the way too!)

This is a majorly under-utilized Instagram hack to growing your following — and one you should definitely try out for 2020! Check out our next business tip post next week to learn more

Let's make your business thrive ladies!


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