May you always have the courage and will to take #theroadlesstaken🧡

Whenever we want to take on a new challenge, a new path, a new goal in our lives, inevitably dread, fear, and self-doubt will always be looming around the corner, waiting to make us turn back or stop dead in our tracks.

Whenever you feel this way, remember this: This is PERFECTLY normal.

Did you know, there is a part of our brain called the hippocampus, that is wired in such a way to “protect us” from the unknown or perceived danger, and to keep us safe in our comfort zone?

It doesn’t know what lies ahead and thus it presses all the panic buttons in our brains like its caught on wild fire to try and keep us away from any possible “harm”🔥 (thanks brain!) If you have the awareness and tools to show, train, and rewire your brain, that it is perfectly safe to go down a new path, and you tell your brain that YOU control your thoughts and emotions, NOT the other way around, then you will be blessed with the courage and confidence to take a step forward in the journey towards your goals.

Regardless of the outcome in the end, you WILL survive it, you WILL come out stronger, and even if it is not ok in the end, it is NOT the end.

So tell me dear friends, do you have the courage to silence that part of your brain and push forward in the direction of your goals?

I hope your answer is ‘YES’ 🙌🏻 because I definitely believe in YOU!

Have courage, live a life you are proud of - a life on your terms.

Sending you lots of love and light🧡


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