• April Dawn Vitor

Hidden Blessings In Life's Challenges

How nice it would be if life had no problems, everything went smoothly as we wish it to be, and no one ever needs to get disappointed.

Though that sounds nice in theory, but in reality, it can impact us negatively.

Life would be stagnant. No progress or creativity will be pursued because "change" and "discomfort" doesn't exist.

I'm not saying I LOVE challenges and problems, I too wish life wasn't so complex sometimes. However, I always realize in hindsight that every roadblock or bad moments in my life, were always the catalyst to make me reflect more, achieve self-actualization, to be more empathetic towards others, and to realize that God doesn't hate me, HE loves me.

HE believes in me enough that I have the capacity to go through the challenges HE presented me, so that I could use my experiences to help others.

HE loves me enough to direct me towards my TRUE path whenever I thought I was heading down the right path.

HE trusts me enough that I will not let the challenges bring me down. HE knows that through those challenges, is when I will learn to come back stronger and wiser than ever.

Never be discouraged when faced with challenges dear friends. It is not that life is against you, it is merely trying to help you discover what you are truly made of.

What are your thoughts on challenges in life? Do share with me in the comments below

Happy Tuesday lovely souls!🍸


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