• April Dawn Vitor

How To Achieve The Impossible Dream?

Updated: Jan 13

Because dreams don't work unless you do

Dreaming is nice. It helps us imagine the impossible and gives us hope to believe in things we never thought we could achieve. However, dreaming alone is not enough to turn them into reality

If you think you "have no time", then make time. Ask your family to help or engage outside help to give you time

If you think you "have no financial support", then plan how you can make do with what you've got or try to get funding

If you think you "can't do it", then my question to you is: Have you done it before?

If yes, then obviously, you CAN do it again.

If no, then how do you know you can't before even trying?

If your dreams mean the world to you, then don't make excuses for yourself. Instead, dig deep and make things happen

Let's start your week strong my dear friends!

Sending you lots of energy and strength 💐


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