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How To Create Great Instagram Captions To Drive Engagement In Your Account

It's not only about good visuals. Captions have the power to either make or break your post. How does one create captivating captions?

Great writing—whether you’re aiming for humor or education—takes multiple drafts and edits 📝Take your time and don’t be afraid to go through several drafts, especially if your captions are more than a few lines long.

Note❗️For posts in feeds, only the first three lines of a caption will be displayed. For captions longer than three lines, people will have to tap “More” to read the whole thing. This is exactly why starting your caption with the most important words is essential to hook the reader in and give them a reason to tap “More”.

Make sure every word supports the content and message you’re trying to convey. Cut out words that are clearly unnecessary to keep it as concise as possible.

PRO TIP💡If you want your entire caption to display, Instagram recommends using 125 characters or fewer.

Also, when possible, have someone else edit your work. A fresh pair of eyes will pick up mistakes you may have missed after spending so much time staring at the text.

Start creating compelling captions to create more leads, which results in more engagement and sales! Let's make your business thrive💵💵💵

Happy Wednesday lovely souls 💖

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