• April Dawn Vitor

How To Stay Positive When Things Don't Go As Planned

Take a moment to really let those words sink in for a minute... It is odd why we tend to "rush" towards every opportunity, thinking that every opportunity is a GOOD one. Maybe that is our inner fear of missing out? #fomo

And why are we quick to react negatively whenever things don't go according to plan? Why do we automatically think a detour is BAD for our plans or life in general?

I believe it is exactly this mindset of worrying we might lose out on something good that we add on unnecessary stress onto ourselves, taking on more than we can handle or necessary for our lives, and end up spreading ourselves too thin. More than that, remember my friends, not every "opportunity" is a "good" opportunity. Just because it is there, doesn't always mean it is the right path for you.

On the flip side, whenever something doesn't go according to your life plans, don't be too quick to feel discouraged or lose faith in the Universe. Detours, may sometimes just be exactly what you need to direct you towards your true calling.

Have a relaxed and productive Tuesday sweet souls 🍹



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