• April Dawn Vitor

How To Stop Stressing Yourself And Start Living Today

Updated: Jan 13

At this very moment, look around you and ask yourself, is there really something worth stressing about?

Stressing about the past or the future only blinds you from seeing and appreciating the beauty and blessings that surround you in the present moment.

❀ there's beautiful mother nature all around you

❀ being able to take a minute to relax and scroll through social media

❀ you are breathing, well, and alive

❀ you have clothes to wear, a bed to sleep in, and food to eat

❀ friends that care about you

❀ an intelligent mind to learn anything you put your mind to

Sometimes all we need is just to take a minute to simply #stopstressing and #startliving.

Live to enjoy the PRESENT moment. If you don't, time will pass, moments will be lost, and then you'll be stuck regretting it in the future for not appreciating the now.

Can you see how this vicious cycle repeats itself?

If you could think of just one thing that you are truly thankful for, what would that be?

Focus on that, feel how your emotions shifts within you into a more happier state of mind, and start to enjoy the power of mindfulness 🙏

Love & peace to you all my dears🌻


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