Asking For Help Is Not Weakness

Being a parent is the hardest & challenging job in the world. - do you agree? I do.😵 I never knew the true meaning of ‘exhaustion’ until I have a little one to care for every second, 24/7 round the clock. I thought I was good at time management, but a baby made me realise there’s so much I can improve on and many things I’ve yet to learn. . I wanna do a quick shoutout to all you #strongmoms & #awesomedads out there, I SALUTE you for being - 💟 emotionally, physically & #mentallystrong even through the toughest of times. 💟 a fountain of continuous #unconditionallove even when you’re drained out. 💟 an #unwavering pillar of strength day in day out. All of you make parenting look like an easy peasy job, but no one truly knows the level of energy, time & love actually used every second of #beingaparent until one actually becomes a parent. Especially if you’re doing the work by YOURSELF most of the time! So, big hugs to you all!😘 . 💟Asking for help is a Strength💪🏼 Dear moms & dads, especially when it comes to mental health care, taking care of our minds, our moods, our fears — many parents feel if they ask for help, they’ll be judged as incapable, or “crazy.” But we know from experience that parents are strongest when we admit where we’re vulnerable. There's a popular African proverb that brings light to this topic, "It takes a village to raise a child." What this actually means is - the work of raising a child cannot be done alone; rather, an entire community must participate to some extent for the best possible outcome. . My baby girl is 6 months now (time flies!), and I still feel I haven’t fully recovered from #childbirth. I thought I could care for a baby, exercise, hustle work on the side while allowing my body time to recover, but it is clear to me now, I was dreaming. . I’ve decided to rid any negative thoughts or self doubt about my own capabilities as a mother. I’ve going to invest in getting some help. Even if it is just for a few hours in a day, it would make ALL the difference. Moms & dads, you’re doing a WONDERFUL job! Breathe, ask for help when needed, tell yourself #yougotthis xoxo Trish

Asking For Help Is Not Weakness

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