• Daisy Lyn Meneses

Living The Best Life While On Lockdown

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Say that out loud with conviction. Repeat it a few times if you have to. Feel your inner strength run through your veins with each word. I can really understand how with this pandemic going on, we start to question EVERYTHING.

We get angry that our businesses got disrupted, our kids have to stay home and we feel like we can't really get anything done, holiday plans got cancelled, we blame the virus for causing havoc on our lives, we question life and our existence, so on and so forth.

But maybe, just maybe... what if this moment, right now, is a critical moment for all of us to reflect on our lives and analyze if there is something about ourselves and our lives that we haven't discovered? Something new to learn? Something to change and improve?

Personally, all my business plans which I had a month plus ago, is now ALL down the drain. It is totally irrelevant. It looks like total BS (sorry for my language) right now. I can literally slap myself on the head and laugh at myself right now.

But the thing is, the fire inside me refuses to give up. It refuses to let me fall. I believe I will prevail.

I believe I will make the best of this moment no matter what.

I believe you can too.

Just in case you feel like giving up, maybe someday, but not today.

Rise up and keep the faith, my friends. We got in this together, we will get out of this together.

Sending each of you some energy and positivity🙌🏻


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