• April Dawn Vitor

Slow Progress and Steady Mind Will Definitely Win The Race

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Feel like you aren't going fast enough? Not achieving enough? Feeling like you're a failure just because things aren't materialising as quickly as you'd hoped for?

I do understand. In our world nowadays, we can instantly:

➸ order food online

➸ order goods online

➸ get customer service 24/7

We have somehow been tuned to be accustomed to live a life where everything should be INSTANT. If not, it means it is either not good enough or a failure

The saddest thing is, we tend to apply this principle onto ourselves more often than not. But have you taken a moment to ask yourself WHY though?

Why put such high, unreasonable expectations and stress onto yourself?

Einstein didn't get a breakthrough over night. He took so many tries, tens of thousands of times before he could invent something so brilliant as light💡I admit, there are times I too expect myself to do magic within a ridiculous amount of time, but here's what I realized though.

Sometimes while trying to do things too fast, I risk making more mistakes and just might end up taking even longer to get something done because of my impatience. Lesson to learn?

Not everything can be done within a blink of an eye. Some things can be done fast, but not every thing. Some things just needs more time, patience, and effort in order to get it done successfully.

If you need to go slow and steady my friends, then please do. Give yourself permission to slow down, focus, and go make your ingenious dreams a reality

Have a blessed Tuesdays dears✨



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