The 4 Best Time Management Tips For Success

“I have NO time!” - How many times have you said that? This statement leaves me feeling overwhelmed and not productive every time it comes out of my mouth. I’m guilty of saying this very often in the past.

With this mindset, none of my big dreams seemed possible. I simply had NO time. But then I ask myself, how do successful people make time work for them?

Through much learning and fine-tuning my time management skills (it’s still a work in progress but I do know I’ve improved a lot over the years), here are the 4 tips which help me stay sane, productive, and most of all - enables me to make my dreams POSSIBLE.

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If it matters to you, you have to schedule it. Make it a non-negotiable.

For me, especially now with my baby's daycare closed, but I still have important big goals which I wanna achieve (such as finishing my book and getting it done), that means some sacrifices have to be made along the way.

For example, lesser tv time in the evening with my husband or none at all. I made it a point to sleep early and wake up at 3.30 am or 4 am just to squeeze in 1 to 2 hours of writing before my baby wakes up.

Just imagine, if you were to just wake up 1 hour earlier every day. In 5 days, you would have an extra 5 hours on your hands. Imagine what could you achieve in 5 hours?

Whether it's making time in the morning or any other time in the day, put on your thinking cap and try to analyze your day. In which part of your day are you able to make time for what matters to you?


Whether that means getting a virtual assistant, or physical help (which is kinda hard right now with social distancing I understand), try to get help to do the trivial work, which will then enable you to have more time to focus on the bigger, more important goals you'd like to achieve.

If your finances are tight, fret not. Perhaps you can ask your family members, friends, or even your neighbor for help?

Please don't try to be a Wonderman or Wonderwoman. I understand many of us like to be independent and don't want to seem weak by seeking help. However, by staying silent and taking on more than you can handle, will only cause you to suffer in silence in the end.


If you work in a team, you need to learn how to delegate. Managers and bosses, I understand you care a lot about your companies and you fear your team might fail you. You fear your teammates might not do it as well as you or might screw up.

Here's the thing, will they do it like you?


Will they screw up?


The fact is, who doesn't make mistakes? And, of course, they can't do it exactly like you because they are not you and that's why you're the boss! You have the knowledge, skills, and experiences which is why you are in your position in the first place.

If you want to grow big, you need to learn how to be a team player. Going team solo will only be your own demise.

Look at Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, or Steve Jobs, none of them could have achieved the success they achieved if they didn't know how to work as a team.

Don't micromanage, practice employee empowerment instead.

study by Zenger Folkman found 4% of employees are willing to put in more effort when empowerment is low, while 67% were willing to go above and beyond when empowerment is high.

As you can see, it is important to give proper guided training to your team, let them feel fulfilled in their jobs, which in return will help you reduce your workload while helping to scale your company as a whole.


I understand many things can seem VERY important. I know we wanna get things done and we wanna get them done fast.

But if you took a moment to really be honest with yourself, is everything really life and death? Surely, there are tasks that have a higher priority over others.

Learning to prioritize is a skill that you can turn into a habit.

Learn to say " no" to requests or appointments which clashes with your important tasks at hand, try to either reschedule for appointments when possible if they are not pressing or ask for a different deadline for projects.

Identify and prioritize what needs to be done now and what can wait to be done at a later date. This will help to reduce your stress and increase your sense of achievement.

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