Time is the best test of a relationship

Do you agree time is the best test of your relationship with your friends, partner or even family members?🕛

Through tough and good times, a person’s faith, principles, values and beliefs get tested. Their true character becomes more apparent. With the passing of time, our perception of life gets shifted, how we choose to live changes, and our personalities evolves. With all the constant change of these inner and outer factors taking place in our lives, it is inevitable that the way we interact with others, the dynamics of a relationship and the people we choose to keep within our circle changes as well - whether we like it, or want to accept it or not.

Don’t fear or be sad about this change my dear friends. One of the facts of life is, people come and go. Only a handful of them will stay with you until the end. Sometimes, a certain friend or even a family member may only be a part of your life for a certain moment in time, and then suddenly, they are completely not, or vice versa. For any relationship to withstand the test of time, it takes two to tango. If a friend, partner or family member is truly important to you, no time, distance, or challenges should, would or could stop you from putting forth your best to maintain the relationship and let it blossom. However, the other party must also be willing to invest the effort and time to nurture the relationship WITH you.

Never blame yourself if a certain friendship or relationship fails despite your best efforts. Give them your blessings, wish them well, then let them go. Above all, always hold on tight to those that gives you love as much as you give them, and keep your heart open to welcoming the possibility of creating new friendships, new memories, new experiences in life.

To all my friends that’s stuck to me like glue throughout the years, THANK YOU so very much for your friendship, love, understanding, support and for the crazy sweet moments😍 I love y’all. Cheers to many more years of awesome friendship!

Lots of love, Trish

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