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Tips On How To Boost Your Business Online

Wanna sell your lovely products or services but don’t wanna sound pushy?😦 I know the dilemma all tooooo well.

Here’s the #businesstipfortoday :

Rather than focus on selling (which only stresses you out even more), focus instead on developing a strong relationship with your consumers. Doing this will help you have a better understanding of their needs and expectations, and find ways to sell your products without coming off as too pushy. A win-win situation (💃🏻 Yessss!)

Engagement is one of the MOST powerful marketing tactics to get more sales leads so please practice it! #salestips101

Two (2) simple actions to take today to put this tip into your favor:

1) Responding to your DMs (direct messages). This can earn you extra points. You’d be surprised that many businesses out there never check their social media DMs. Be the one that does and customers will come to you.

2) You can also provide links to your website on your pages. A link shows customers that the business is credible since it gives them the information they need.

Easy right? 😉 You got this #womenbosses 👩🏻‍💻👑 Let’s boost your business together!

xoxo @trishrlee

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