• April Dawn Vitor

Tips To Get On The "Suggested For You" List

In our last business tip post, I touched on utilizing the "Suggested for you" feature to get more followers. Ready to learn how to improve your chances to get on this list? Let's start right now

1. Review the Keywords in Your Instagram Name

The words you include in your name field (in the profile section) are actually searchable on Instagram! That means that in the Suggested for you fields, if you state that you are a jewellery designer, other jewellery designers and brands will appear in the selection!

2. Engage with Complementary Businesses and Brands

Remember that Instagram is first and foremost, a social space. And the best way to let the Instagram algorithm know you have a “relationship” with another account is to like, engage, and comment on other brands’ posts

Take for example @amia.handcrafted (account shown in pic) and @alecrea.madeforyou — while they may have completely different businesses, there is some strong overlap on who their audience is and what they’re interested in. They could be jewelry lovers interested in unique handmade jewelry or influencers looking to build relationships with brands

Once you’ve discovered what brands you’d like to “be associated with”, all you have to do is start engaging with each others posts — easy!

Do try out this tip if you haven't already. Let's make your business thrive ladies!


Trish & team

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