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Together We Can Make A Difference

Despite the rain that helped relieved the bushfires in Australia a little a few days ago, bushfires are still ravaging the country. This has been going on for months, devastating towns, rural communities, killing animals, and now even killing people

Let's take a moment to come together to help others and animals in need

Here's how you and I can help in our own small way. I just want to emphasize that no matter how "small" your help and contributions may be, together - we can make a BIG difference.

You can either join me to donate if it is within your means too. In the image below, you'll see a list of authorities listed that are accepting donations to help them purchase vehicles to distribute water and to set up drinking water stations in areas affected by the fires, medical treatment, planting trees for koalas, and so much more.

And if you can't donate, then please - take a moment to do a silent prayer for Australia

Pray for the millions of poor animals that have lost their lives

Pray for the people that have died or lost their loved ones

Pray that soon a large downpour will come to halt the bushfires



Your donations and/or prayers CAN make a difference dear friends. Thank you for your prayers and love. God bless you all 🌻



Image by: @hildebrand_and_poek_2016

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