Use this 12 Months Project Planner For Success to reflect and reset.


There’s nothing quite like a brand new year for reflecting and setting new goals. Annual reviews tend to be longer than monthly or weekly reviews, simply because there’s a lot more to reflect on and a bigger time period to plan ahead for.


But that doesn’t have to make your annual review overwhelming. Whether you take a week off in December to complete it or wrap it up in an afternoon, your annual review only needs to cover what’s important to you.


Maybe you want to reflect on your business or career achievements of the past year. Or maybe you like to set lots of goals each year, then reflect on your progress towards them. 


Like any other review, a personal annual review is for you and should include whatever you find most useful. Even if that changes from year to year.


What to Include in Your Annual Review


  • Reflect on your biggest accomplishments from the past year.
  • Reflect on your biggest lessons learned in the past year.
  • Give yourself a score for how well the past year went. You can give yourself a grade from F to A+ or a score from 1-10.
  • Plan your goals for the next year by asking yourself what it would take to look back on this year as your best year ever, or to rate it 10/10.
  • Plan any new habits you can build to help you achieve the goals you set in the previous step.
  • Plan your immediate next steps to achieve each of the goals you set.

Annual Project Planner For Success

  • ANNUAL PLANNERS can help you reflect on your business or career achievements of the past year and help you gain a clear overview of what goals you'd like to achieve for the coming year and how much time it would take to achieve each goal realistically.

    This Printable Planner Comes With:

    1. A clean and concise designed 12 months period project planner to pen out your goals for the year



    • PDF 
    • A4 Size

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